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Community Driven

Similar to Waze that leverages real-time community insights to help guide drivers as they get from point A to point B with ease, our RaaS 99 platform for cancer patients help our users leverage the best practices and knowledge of the community to help solve the frustrations in the 99% of the recovery journey that is away from the clinic.

No one’s journey is exactly the same. Our platform employs AI, Intelligent Automation, and continuous semantic learning to help each patient discover the most seamless and beneficial roadmap unique to their recovery path.

This is a big reason our partners are so excited to be on this journey with us.

Stand with People 99% of the time they are away from the clinic
I see so alone afraid and overwhelmed with path to recovery graphic
Join us in the 99%

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It’s a $90 Billion Problem with Devastating Financial Consequences

2 Million U.S. Cancer
Diagnoses Annually

17 Million Under
Cancer Surveillance

It’s a $90 Billion

Personal Cancer Spend After Insurance

2/3 of
are Medical

Almost 3/4 had
Health Insurance

The Leading Disease is Cancer

Reach people simply & effectively at their point of need

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We are looking for partners who can help us provide our users and their care circles with:

If you want to help cancer patients as much as we do, we want to hear from you!