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Proprietary Empathy Engine
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Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Automation Semantic Learning Engine

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Natural UX

Communicate via video, talk, and text
24 languages available

Our platform and empathy engine orchestrate recovery tasks with a digital human interface for real-time help and more natural interactions.
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A Smart Guide

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Bridgit. An expert guide who provides personalized help anytime.

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Bridgit Understands

She listens. Reads Expressions. Detects Stress, Anxiety. Knows You. Comforts You. Day & Night.

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Bridgit Gets It Done

Connects. Anticipates. Confirms. Organizes. Saves Time. Saves Searching. Saves Energy for Healing.
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Bridgit Rallies Support

Orchestrates Your Network. Allows Family, Friends, and the Community to Offer Physical, Emotional, Financial Relief.

Care Registry

Harnesses the power of the community to provide precision help and support when it’s needed most.

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Creates aggregated accounts for each user, so every dollar or gift of time and effort can be put into action immediately.

Recovery Store

Thoughtfully curated products and services that help with the non-clinical problems to be solved during cancer recovery.

Collaboration is orchestrated through the RaaS 99 platform that responds to, organizes, and intelligently anticipates recovery needs. Bridgit thoughtfully and swiftly manages the distribution of help across the network of friends, family and community members who have raised their hands to help.

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Based on Clinically Proven IP

In Chronic Disease Management and IP in Healthcare Delivery Solutions at Scale.

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We bring proven solutions to cancer recovery, simplifying management and coordinating interactions so our customers can focus on healing.

Protected by Military-Grade Security

We Keep Personal Health Information Safe.

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The RaaS99 founders have experience in appropriately handling SI/SAO TS intelligence data and never had a breach over a twenty-year career.

We know how to keep the bad guys out. And we know how to secure the data our users trust us to protect.