raas - breakthrough community driven cancer recovery platform

Powered by a groundbreaking platform

That organizes help across three main recovery vectors

  • Smart Guide helps manage cancer recovery away from the clinic
  • Care Registry lets friends, family and community members contribute time or money to support loved ones
  • Recovery Store contains curated products and services that patients need on their recovery journey

Collaboration in the 99%

Harness the power of the community to provide help and support

Collaboration is orchestrated through the RaaS 99 platform. Bridgit thoughtfully and swiftly organizes the patient’s needs and manages the distribution of help across the network of friends, family and community members who have raised their hands to help.

Holistic vs Fragmented Solution

Manage multiple apps & accounts? Or have just one, integrated platform that comes with an expert guide

  • AI orchestration versus human time and effort
  • Expert digital guide vs. Figure it out as you go
  • One app, one login vs. Multiple apps and logins

Immediate relief from cancer’s unspoken side effects

So users can focus on healing